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Rant #345 On Enforcing Ideas

I think there's a new way for people to get themselves off. I think that when you get lonely, you either get sad or you get mad. Sad because you think you deserve it or mad because you think you don't. You have a group of people that revel in cruelty and insults and you have another group who has designated themselves as the protectors of the cause, removing any sense of personal responsibility from the way they defend their ideas.  

And I think we're all very lonely, operating under the guise of connectivity and knowledge. Since we're all very lonely together, there's even more solace found in the group identity. It fools us into thinking that we are forever loved and protected. 

However, group identities have been manipulated to somehow satiate our need to be unique. So you can be part of a group and be your special little self all at once. Now, I'm not trying to minimize the importance of marginalized voices speaking out. Quite the contrary. I think it's absolutely necessary to scream and thrash and continue speaking. 

But not everybody has something to say. Not everybody has a worthwhile contribution, despite the best of their intentions. And the reason why some people simply have nothing to contribute has to do with certain personality traits combined with certain actions or inactions that make them despicable. 

Race, gender, and religion don't cause these traits; these are traits based on an individual's experience. An individual's experience is colored by the way society treats them or views them based on arbitrary traits like race, gender, and religion, as well as their familial influence. Those who mistreat others utilize select individual experiences or actions of the others to reinforce their argument; they do not take responsibility for their hate bred of fear and insecurity. Those in power always fear that their power will be lost, and that fear mandates their behavior. 

I think some people masquerade under the guise of 'the cause'. This isn't just liberal causes; the maligned conservative and nazi rallying cries are other more tangible examples of this phenomenon. These protectors of men who type furious insults to fight for their necessary imagined preservation. 

You don't have to take responsibility for yourself if you have positioned yourself to be a champion metaphor of a belief system that counts for more than your individual existence. When you steal, you steal for the cause, not for yourself. If you hurt the cause, it's only because of the polar opposite cause that forced you to go against your conscience. 

On paper, this sounds harmless. It sounds admirable, to use your personal platform to speak for others. But in practice, we run into a plethora of difficulties. People are remarkably good at distancing themselves from inconvenient personal truths. I speak from valiant experience. We are exquisite creatures when it comes to crafting excuses for ourselves or minimizing our blame. It's simply in our nature to preserve ourselves and with awareness comes guilt and guilt births anger, envy and everything else that destroys the self. So we either find pleasure in guilt or we find no guilt in pleasure. 

What seems to happen is that people try to transform their ego into altruism. This isn't new; what's new is that everyone, pretty much anyone with access to technology, now has a public platform to display their ideas, or to tarnish, refute, celebrate, or share other ideas. Now there's nothing wrong with speaking your truth; it's when you start to present your truth as objective fact and in turn reject collective reality for one that adheres to your emotions. Instead of allowing for an exchange of ideas, we have simply barricaded ourselves with the ideas that and thoughts that validate our own biases. We have shut down any difference without attempting to defend our opinions; simply laughed at those we disagree with and squeal as they fester in misplaced inferiority. We have let our arguments atrophy by utilizing public shame to win our debates . 

Some ideas are terrible. But you need to know when to hear out the terrible ideas. Terrible ideas serve as a purpose. They make it necessary for wonderful ideas to persevere. They give value to wonderful ideas. And terrible ideas can easily be changed- the same way wonderful ideas can become terrible ideas. It's a wonderful idea to promote inclusivity and equality among all culturally and societally marginalized groups; it's a terrible idea to think equality means the oppression of the oppressor . Willful ignorance springs from organic ignorance. You must be willing to be patient and attempt to show how your ideas and truths will benefit the competing idea, rather than raging against a difference in thought. 

Now, that doesn't mean you give Nazis a chance. That's not what I'm saying at all- I'm sure someone might want to call me out for being another white girl who thinks we should all get along. Punch a nazi. Go after a bigot- but there's a difference between a confused octogenarian and a skinhead. You have the ability to change people who believe things out of habit versus necessity. A skinhead must believe he is superior since he must blame his inferiority on external causes, rather than himself. Some people, unlike the skinhead, simply don't realize that their ideas, while passive, are part of a larger oppressive pattern of thought. 

I don't think you need to get along with someone to exchange ideas. You just need to listen to them and make sure that you can defend your ideas with facts, not emotions. When you utilize the same tactics that you're fighting against, it makes it difficult to ensure victory. And if those ideas are actively seeking to oppress your beliefs, then by all means, fight. Just know when you're fighting for your own personal gratification and public validation and know when you're fighting for the cause. That makes the difference as to how well you can defend your beliefs. Emotional arguments often have weaknesses that are unseen to all but the enemy. 

Get mad- do what you need to do. But also fight that urge to call someone an uniformed piece of shit before you give them a chance to figure that out for themselves. Don't get so consumed by your anger and indignation that you resort to the means of the oppressor. Set fire to the right buildings. 


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