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Dividing The Proles

The dirty fuckers at the top are taking full advantage of the swollen pustule of narcissism and media addiction and working both sides exquisitely.

On the right, you have a mass of frightened, uneducated, religious, and generally disadvantaged people. These people, for the most part, are not rabid racists, frothing at the mouth and delighting at the suppression and conscious manipulation of minority groups and other groups marginalized for things outside of their control. These are people who do not have the means for the exposure that is necessary for someone to begin to shift their perspective. We fear the unknown and only once we establish individual connections and let our experience dictate our errs in thought, we cannot begin to establish change. However, most of the exposure of different ideologies and cultures happens in cities and many people simply don't have the means or the desire to move into a metropolis.

So we have a group of people who are suffering. They are suffering from governmental policies that exploit them and they are suffering from their lack of educational resources. However, the media has marginalized their suffering and there has been an overwhelming cultural scorn for the plight of the blue-collar worker. Now, these people see issues of race being covered in the news and being decreed an outrage and it makes them angry to see themselves ignored. They are under the false impression that social issues have stolen the validation of their suffering. They don't see that the policies they vote for end up screwing them over. They think that their pain and plight is 'stolen' by the plights of the immigrant, or the black and brown, or the gay and transgender, instead of finding solidarity among those groups and recognizing that progressive social change generally provides a universal benefit to societies.

Rage is a powerful and incredibly effective tool to manipulate people. The right paints the left as a bunch of elitists and the most outspoken of the left are stubborn and generally guilty of the same conversational atrocities as the right, although based slightly more in fact. The blue collar workers wrongly believe they should blame the minority communities for their plight because they only group that listens to them, the conservatives, listen to them in order to give them a false sense of comfort. If they listen to them, then their constitutions will follow whatever directions given to them to alleviate their suffering. And the elitists on the left ridicule these people while championing causes and taking the bait provided. Divide and conquer the proles.

Which brings me to the manipulation of the left. The left has sprawled into chaos and alienated a good deal of its moderate followers by reducing itself into soapbox martyrdom, full of sycophants masking their giddy egos in the cloak of altruism and social justice. And while I don't think hate-speech should be tolerated, I also don't think its wise or at all effective to ridicule the views of people who disagree based on very valid and real points based on experience. It's worth to understand individuals rather than rejecting them based on our own biases. The left is quick to outrage and happy to find offense. The right is using this to their advantage, making the left waste its energy on headlines of societal injustice and then retreating to give the illusion of victory. This is made so that the left ignores the longterm policy effects implemented during this political chaos. That way, when Trump is out of office, the damage will be securely structured and deliver a continuous strain on our society.

In the same way that Islamophobia simply drives second and third generation muslim immigrants towards ISIS, being contemptuous of the right and assuming they all fall under the Nazi category, will only reinforce the ideas that Nazis are trying to establish as truths.


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