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A Fancy Tale PT 1

Her eyelids fluttered, charmed by the boisterous light of the new sun. As she hurried along the grey-white dunes, carelessly plucking the long strands of sharp blue grass that brushed past her pale blue skirt she proclaimed, "Fuck my tits Mr. McGravens, it's hotter than an altar boy's asshole!"

Henry McGravens smiled warmly at Winifred and found himself soothed and thrilled all at once by her child-like grasp on his arm, charmed by her attempting to mimic his nimble stride as the dunes began to slope down before the ocean. 

"Oh Winnie, you're just a walking, talking sugar-titted abortion- but I'm a necromantic pedophile."

She smiled wryly, trying to distract the sudden blush that bathed her cheeks. While twenty-five years her senior, Mr. McGravens  had a way with words that even the most seasoned and dower hag could hardly resist any of his possible requests.  . 

"Mr. McGravens... You make my insides feel like they're getting suffocated by a 600 pound Samoan Dolly Parton look alike... only my insides are lonely middle school guidance counselors who go out of their way to pay for it. "

He had never heard her be so bold before. But then, they had never had the pleasure of sharing  such delicious solitude together. The dawn of new womanhood had hardly broken upon her, but the swell of her nascent breasts beckoned in him something he had long ceased to believe existed. 

"The fact that you look like a kid gets my dick harder than... well than a priest cock in an aletrboy's sweltering asshole!"

They shared a laugh and Winifred offered Mr.McGravens a clementine she had surreptitiously swiped from the kitchen while Mrs. Bobbins tended to the rollicking clamors the the children playing hide and seek in the pantry. 

"Hey you fuck-faced buck toothed statutory rapist, you want some of this midget orange?"

"Yeh.. give it here you sebaceous kinderwhore."

She exaggerated a great air of caution as she gingerly choose the most pristine segment to offer him. He outstretched his palm, expecting the tickle of her fingertips as he waited patiently for his share. 

Winifred ignored his palm and stared at him, seemingly hesitant but strangely assured.

Slowly, she brings the piece of fruit to his lips. 

"Show me how to make pussy pudding."

He takes it eagerly, curling his lips before biting down hard on the pith.

"Smile like a donut you frivolous cum bucket."


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