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Seminar for Catholic Girls


listen up.

You have to learn to tame a cock. Most magazines and stuff are all telling you how to tame and keep a man. First off, a man is not yours to keep-girl, a man is not a lamp. If your lamp had legs, it would light up the neighbor's room, don't think it won't because it would. So fucking brightly too, you'd have to draw the blinds.

So you don't go on trying to trap a man into staying with you. A man will stay with you if he wants to, and if you know how to treat a dick, he'll probably want to stick around a bit.

Now you know, you need context for your training. You need to spend time with a man. Don't go on giving your dick skills to people who don't have time for you. Girl- I have LEARNT this! Don't do it! I've done it seeevveral times with the same guy!


YES. Same results baby, you gotta save those dick skills for somebody who will take you to an antique store or protect you during your drug deal. Those skills are sacred. Don't waste a choke on a cock to have a man neglect your sweet sloppy lady mouth.

Now I bet you think that I'm going to tell you how to tame a cock. Well...

Bitch, you MUST be stupid.

Do you REALLY think that I would

a) divulge the dick secrets I have come to acquire through both awesome and awful experiences


b) entertain the thought that your ass could even come close to replicating what my mouth and pussy can do? Bitch, it's impossible-physically impossible-for you to even begin to get to where XANADU takes you.

But I will tell you that it takes compromise, it takes a good bad touch, soft hands, soft lips, and that sexual gift of gab that can make a man implode and explode all at once.

Just know it can be done, and don't be stupid trying to hack into his computer. Girl you don't wanna know. Trust me. Just whip out your little big dildo and get to practicing.



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