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Reckless Candor

Simplicity is key-

Very little is necessary to satisfy modern-day maudlin pixies. Two Ds are all it takes. I won't name them. Your sympathetic asides to help me find more virtuous vices are to be strenuously avoided at all costs.

But this past weekend, I went to New York City, the most wonderful city in the world. I found a friend who delighted me for days with the two things I love most. I was able to finally live out my most comforting daydreams by virtue of his gracious hospitality. It is a blessing to have such a gentleman to cater to my degenerative desires.

And you- you could hardly give me one thing. You never wanted to know if I made it through the night. I was discarded. I allowed it because I was too young to realize how you manipulated my unbridled infatuation.

How did I let your cruelty destroy me? Monster- find shame in your past deceit. You should have stopped after you realized I was in love with you.

But in this recent tenderness, this unexpected kindness that embraced the ephemeral form of my body, has liberated me from the derelict of sentiment I have perpetually felt for you.

A cross lifted by the illicit and explicit hands of languid pleasures. I will walk with light steps on the haunted streets of a city that used to destroy me.


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