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Calm down. I have strict guidelines. This isn't Las Vegas. Or Albania.

This isn't Albanian Las Vegas- put a sock on it.

Threesomes have absolutely no appeal for me. 0 to 0 appeal for me. Unless I am the third parties or all parties have combusted spontaneously without any preexisting monogamous interpersonal relationships between aforementioned parties involved. If nobody has an emotional stock at stake, than you'll probably get through this with minimal damage.

I  think that threesomes, couple + 1 scenario, are a bad idea. Even if you think you're okay with it girl, you're not. Please... I know it's a male fantasy but I've gotten to know enough girls to know that it would be a lethal compromise for them to accept watching you eat the pussy of their hottest girlfriend.

Unless you have that special kind of relationship, where the girl is all about girls a little bit, in which case... I am available.

I mean, if it's two girls and their mutual man friend, sure... fine- that's how it SHOULD go! I mean two girls who are just friends, not girlfriends. That's going to end up with the same awkward naked tears of a boy-girl couple and an ornery skank who despises what they have together. Jealousy is a little bit like vomiting; It's not a good idea to keep swallowing it back for too long.

But three friends?! That's the perfect situation. Nobody is possessive of anybody. It's no offense to anyone... except that your weird genitals are going to be on mental blast for a few months. Oh, that thing you think you know how to do?  Your skills are naturally diluted, unless you're an expert. Keep in mind that half of experts are not at all experts. Also, if you're not already publicly explicit about your shit, your shit will be explicated for all your curious friends and acquaintances. God forbid that some dormant romantic feelings should stir and quickly turn your social life into a loose pile of shit. That's when you find a new hometown.

I'm not against threesomes, I can't say I've even ever had the luxury. But I think they need to be thought out with a degree of strategy, not only for immediate logistical purposes, but to avoid unpleasantness in the aftermath. Unpleasantness like say... divorce or murder-death.

I know I'll get people who will regale me with their personal success stories, and while I'm envious and panicked about the lack of third (or second) parties in my sex life, I am also nearly absolutely positive that one of the individuals in your old menage a trois is plotting out their revenge or making a shrine out of the vowels of your name.

Oh and by the way....2 dudes? Noooo thank you. Thats just going to make a girl feel bloated.

Conclusions: 3some? Shouldn't have put a ring on it- unless its your cock.


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