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A Note on Dirty Words

Filth is great when you know how to use it and you're aware of how you're using it. You have to have a pretty good command of the English language to know how to use filth. You can't just use it casually and without imagination. You must contextualize. You can't go to an old lady and tell her to have a beautiful fucking day. You could, but I mean that you'd come across as an asshat. You also have to realize that yes, filth is lowest common denominator. But filth is language, and language is people, and people are beautiful. So filth, gorgeous sticky filth can really make a beautiful point. And unfortunately, not everyone can see that, for a variety of reasons, but some people can and some people will undoubtedly lie and say they can if those other people have influence.

Filth, by the way, is the fuck yous and the shits of the language. Filthy Filth is different, I mean that's the umbrella that holds a myriad of filths. I won't go into it until I grow old and nobody cares to fuck me and love me anymore, when I have all the time to write something worthwhile.

But filth, yes, filth is really the best way to convey an intense emotion. And communicating emotions between us can conquer our counterproductive social biases. Overuse desensitizes the impact of filth, sure. Casual use is best left to professional. And sometimes, some people just shouldn't use filthy language. Some people just don't fit the gist of fucks and shits. It comes naturally. It shouldn't be forced- don't use it if it doesn't flow from your mouth over into a shocked ear. A nun might curse; but your reed-thin math teacher, balding in rimless glasses, shouldn't ever call you a cock-mangling pussy.

I use filth to cover up whatever lovely little stirrings I happen to be afraid of in my gossamer heart. Things that are vulnerably sweet are only protected by a sympathetic fucking wall of shitty fucking titties.


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