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You can make money like that?!

Well I didn't see a point in continuing all this ramble babble bullshit.
But then I found out that its been making me money. Kind of. More than I'd expect but a lot less than a lot.

(By the way, Google, you owe me a check.)

But I'm going to keep writing. I stopped because the real world makes me tired. Then my pithy pastimes are shallow and stupid enough to keep me consciously distracted from having to motivate dreams from ever manifesting.

So I didn't have much to say. I didn't have a viciously melodramatic romance to perpetuate those girlish fantasies.

But actually I do. I've just been saying instead of scrawling it on a keypad.

So fuck it. I'll keep writing about dick. I just won't make it melodramatic. I'll make you laugh. Or maybe get mad. Or masturbate. But I won't make you cry. Unless you give me a reason. Then I will milk your tears while I have sex with your boyfriend. Or your brother. Or your dad. It really all depends on the situation.

And yes,I will continue posting provocative photos. I guess all that hard core porn gives me an unexpected advantage. At this point, you're all probably peroxide jerking off to peroxide assholes gorged on a gaggle of multicultural cocks. So the power of suggestion leaves your erection to be stroked vigorously by your imagination. And then probably your sweaty palms.

I mean... even though I know half of you are probably just photoshopping my face or my body into various compromising bukaki scenarios, I still try to do whatever I can do to bring a smile to your face Champ!

Anyway. Thank you! I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much. If you enjoy what I have to say; if you don't, then you may have the distinct pleasure of fucking right off into a percolating asshole. I thought I needed a muse.

Well what I really need is money. And a cock to hold hands with once In a while.

Let's all work together on making me really rich for relatively poor reason.


  1. I am in love with your writing I think. The style in which you do it, the subject matter, all of it. I'm trying to avoid saying it's like I'm getting to know you through your writing cause that seems somewhat trite to me and I don't want to sound like a presumptuous prick...but I really do enjoy your stuff. I'm glad Google or whoever is giving you 3 cents on the dollar for every view or however the fuck their payment structure works to pay you way less than they should. You'll be happy to know, or unhappy (I don't know how your mind works), that I'm not one of the countless guys who come here to jerk it over your erotic pictures. I'm quite content with where my hardcore porn is at the moment. I haven't even photoshopped you into any compromising sexual positions...yet. I feel like that should warrant some kind of award or accolade. I've got a weird sense of entitlement. Nevertheless, I feel it worthwhile to mention that even though I'm not shaking hands with the fellow downstairs every time I come here, I still find you incredibly beautiful and sensual. It's just amplified by your talent. I'm rambling, I feel. You probably won't even read this, so I'll just leave you with one final sentence. If you keep writing, I'll keep at least 3 cent in your pockets.

  2. Trent, thank you. I wholly appreciate your support and kind words. I've lost faith in my work recently and it's words like yours that make me want to pursue what seems like a fantasy. Thank you.


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