Friday, April 13, 2012

Real Talk: Look at Me Now.

Folks, I'm not dead-

Be easy on your skeeze, because I'm still here to deliver all your charming literary needs from their boredom without overwhelming them with substance.

The elusive and tickled pink cunt that only really exists in the filthy stratosphere of cyber space is still kicking the dick bucket around - always DTF and never more than a breath away from a terrible decision honeybunny.

But now- I work. All the time. I work with children. Young children. And while you might have bronzed your assumptions that I am an immoral derelict of a pussy gone to reclusive waste, you have never seen me in real life doing real things. I am an excellent real life girl.

I am excellent with children. I deliver them love and they deliver me giggles and innocent mistakes, exemplifying what is worthwhile in humanity. My goodness- it's worth to keep fucking and making little babes just to have them as a reminder of what it was like to be exempt from taste the face of the chronically subtle disappointment of reality cockblocking innocence.

And you know all my skills, all my useless skills that have built up over time spent doing illicit things are finally being put to good use. I am paid in smiles. I am also paid in money-

So I didn't know what was going to happen when I moved down to Richmond. But everything happened that needed to happen. I found a full time job all by myself. I am no longer bound to that dangerous man ( those dangerous men) and I am too tired to chase the dick and run myself into a ditch. I am still very much craving The Dick and The Man That Goes With It- but I'll settle for eye fucking DILFs and holding out for a rich single dad who wears his horny ass heart on his sleeve.

So I will continue to hold my head high like a confederate general while I wipe baby penises clean.

It's a start.

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