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Slightly Effeminate Men versus Your "Machoman Randy Savage" Men

It's time to appreciate slightly effeminate men, for there are many of them and some of them do deserve celebration. 

It is also time to put down "Machoman Randy Savage" Men.  Because those guys are the worst and they don't know how to tickle the southern ivories worth a tit's shit.

There is nothing that I like more than a not-so-macho guy who can come to into my room and beat up my womb.

And not a 90 pound POW either. That's just ridiculous. You're just letting those guys hold you down- if you struggle, he'll fall off the bed and break all his bones. 

A SEM can't be a little bitch. Just... more attentive to his appearance, which is lithe in nature. He should have played some kind of sport as some point in time. Then decided to get a little more pussy with tighter jeans, slicker shoes, and longer hair. 

If you haven't tried getting pounded by a SEM, I recommend it. Those artistic types tend to get a lot of pussy, and while not all of them are really apt to stroke the cat, the ones who are can become your Caravaggio and paint you wet with one good bad touch. 

The macho men... well, I have to be honest with you folks, I've never actually had the pleasure of crying in the dark underneath of a muscle-milk experiment gone wrong. 

But I imagine that my rule for SEM would be the exact opposite for MRS men. MRS men probably become little sniveling bitches in the coitus mode. Their sighs jump a few octaves once you touch their howdy-doody dick.  They ask you if you're okay till you're definitely not okay. 

If they keep the MRS persona though, they're just going to copy whatever they see while they jerk off to porno. You'll get a lot of hectic thrusting without any rhythm, a lot of Kool-Aid guy "OH YEAHS", some gorilla-shit groaning and a teeny peeny that squirts sick slow spunk all over your disappointed face. 

MIND YOU: an MRS guy can also dress like a SEM. Don't be fooled- this is an MRS guy who got how to get pussy. SEM might also be jacked and wearing sweatpants- but this is FAR less common. 

Prove me wrong. Give me one night with an MRS guy who has the necessary emotional intelligence to fuck a girl right and I will stop touching myself in record stores and coffee shops. 


  1. I agree with you for the most part, but any guy that wears tight jeans is a little bitch. That shit is not comfortable.


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