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Ladies, you need listen up.

It's hard to be a lady; you got hooka-hos and other bitches you gotta constantly be on your toes for. You got every kind of style in every kind of magazine telling you that you don't look good enough and you'll never get good enough to keep a man from running around town with a better lookin hooka-ho.

But it's gotten worse Ladies, it's gotten bad.

Not only did we have the Better Lookin Bitches to mind, now we have Prostitots to watch out for. Ain't can't be competing with Prostitots! Look at this shit:


Unbelievable. Even I'm getting a little bit aroused looking at this little girl. Bitch wants it and doesn't even know what it is. She's 10 fucking years old. How the fuck-I can't...I feel like a wrinkled pair of spanx.

Shit is CRAZY ladies! You have toddlers in lucite and teenagers with plastic titty meat making your 20-something look like an aesthetic hospice. Little girls are getting sexy quick and Men can't resist the allure of a 9 year old whore playing with a barbie doll at the foot of the bed.

What can we do?

At the rate this girls are going, they'll be sucking dick like a meth-lab stripper by the time they hit puberty.

Can't compete- hopefully, they're too young to know about condoms, so they'll end up pregnant with herpes.


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