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Familiar Folly

A stranger's lips
are my pleasure,
drinking from
a coffee cup-
envious of


Hapless soul
on the breathless
edge of a new name,

This heart is a child,
blind to the folly
of surrendering to
the eyes of man
it cannot see.

You Can't Always Get What You Want-So Flick Your Bean a Bit.

Do you like a booboo who doesn't like you?

Grl/Cholo, I feel you.

Don't get down about it though.

There's probably a whole bunch of booboos who like you that you thinks is nasty.

You want it?

Can't have it.

They got a piece

or your piece ain't

enough to keep

the peace.

But you got it.

You don't even realize-

You got a hand?


Warm pumpkin with a hole cut in it?

Sock filled with pudding?


You flick your bean.

You grace your one-eyed snake.

Paint a face on your palm

and dim the lights low.

But don't you give up.

You don't need a booboo

to do you.

Love and war?

Leave your guns at home

and remember that

somewhere someplace

there's a total stranger

who's masturbating

to your face.