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Telephones Terrify the Timid ( More So Than Furious Bears )

The dial-tone shrieks

panicked notes
of the pending ring
answered by the
voice I swath in
ceaseless desire-

I'm afraid 
that the words
will suddenly
in the middle
of their march,
surrendering to
an awkward defeat.

I didn't hang up-
I just couldn't speak. 

Give me a call-

Delight decomposes

every lingering fear

when I hear the

sound of you

sieved through

the receiver.

The Unexpected Consequences of Willing Sexual Objectification

all the negative things

seemingly told to be

can't help but

present to me a

uniquely strange

but optimistic


I haven't had

the pleasure

of entertaining

oddity in the

company of



the latest in

a collection

of lacy



so maybe I

should take

a slow ride

south to

excite my


don't bother


the plastic

coating of


the quill begets

the thrill of

our depraved


Big Girl Pants

I have to put on my big girl pants now.

I have to stop dredging the crumbs of old love in consciousness.

I've gotten pretty stupid since I finished school.

I've gotten pretty lazy since I quit chasing after dick.

These days my heart is an ugly and mean kind of woman. The kind of woman who buys her cocktail dress at a k-mart after pawning off her engagement ring. The kind of woman who hates everything around her besides her medication and pomeranian.

So I'm going to leave. I'm going to leave that awful woman behind. If I stay, she will surely consume me, licking the bones of a lively girl clean.

I could stay- I see every little detail of my future come alive before me.

A future that would inevitably involve pant suits.

Fire and brimstone can't burn my spirit like polyester.

So I'll take the fear, the loneliness and the uncertainty of a life founded on the caprices of imagination rather than settle for the security of a life without dreams.

Black Dress

I wore a black dress tonight.

The same one I refused to wear

since the night I wore it with you.

We were at a party-

the oldest gentleman found me.

We made conversation about literature-

I looked like Audrey Hepburn, he said.

And I thought to myself,

if that's true, he won't

be able to enjoy it properly.

He didn't.

But you did.

You liked that dress.

After you said so-

I became Givenchy's muse.

I wore it tonight but

It was just a black dress.

I was just a hostess

with swollen feet

waiting for the bus.

Getting Sticky

Getting sticky makes

me question every

time I sabotage
those good intentions

of men who want
to taste me without
discretion or regard

Of the Lady hiding
safely between
 the salacious
salt of filthy wit-

You could fuck me
like a man should-

Girls who wear glasses
don't like to make passes at
guys who videotape
strangers that masturbate.

But we'll fuck em anyway-
Because we can't see the camera

when it's three inches from our face. 

River Bank

The string


the tin cans

spells your

name in



along the

river bank

I will offer

you my


my words

will be

washed away,

baptized by


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Agony in Asphalt

this city serves

to remind me
of the ecstasy
your footsteps
brought to my
slow gait-

I cannot bear
to walk along
the asphalt
any longer-

Every step marred
with the antiquated
embraces scattered
beneath the
oily light in

empty streets