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To The Most Insufferable Cunts


I am not allowed to evoke my most pristine distain for your behavior and general demeanor due to the limitations imposed upon verbal expression that follow a career in customer service. And I am fond of the establishment at which I am employed, so I will not allow my actions to tarnish the reputation of others.

But I am wholly able to write to you two indelible and outrageous cunts, in this absurd and roundabout way, and explicate, in gruesome detail, the exact nature of a punishment that would be fit to correct your unwarranted condescending remarks, that drip with the vomit of pretentious and volatile entitlement.

Ladies, if I had had the freedom to do so, I would have politely pulled you aside and told you that no court in any land would find your rapist guilty of anything but being a victim to your rotting and stagnant pussies. I can only imagine that you must have disturbed a myriad of passersby each time you had to uncross your fat and sweaty thighs.

I am never far from comfort but I cannot possibly understand how you might think it is acceptable to openly insult those who maintain an establishment which serves you.

I would like to take you both, wrap you up in bacon and duct tape, then send you to a jail in the Ivory Coast and have a lion shot up with cialis fuck you before eating your face.

Cunts. I have to hold my tongue, but I can write away my rage with the pleasant image of your body covered in animal cum, slumped in a corner and doused in shit.


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