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A Man Question for Men to Answer about WOO!-men

Men, answer me a question that estrogen won't let me...

What types of men like vicious and mean overbearing bitches

and what types of men like demure and quiet unobtrusive bitches?

And furthermore, if one is the latter, is that really an inherent depreciation of a woman's worth, because strength is rewarded to those with the loudest piercing screech, despite the enormous amount of power necessary to cultivate emotional restraint?

I am bias. Rather envious of mean-spirited women and so I disavow their value. But they are certainly valuable. Else they would not throat-fuck the lap of luxury so often on television.

Tell me what kind of bitch to be, because after all, I live to serve my favorite things and I can't possibly serve them well if I don't know what they like eat.

I love nice guys, but man... they're such assholes.


  1. I think everyone likes a little of both, but in the good ways. If its a black n white issue, then id have to go with demure/quiet/reserved girls. I've always preferred 'good girls' and prefer innocents/cute over fierce/hot/sexy any day of the week. Then again if there's something shes thinking id need that girl to have the balls to man up and say something. Not in an overbearing way, but to make herself heard. I'm slightly biased myself though, iv always been more empathetic and sensitive then most guys are. I'd like to call it mature, but most guys would probably just say its gay. I find girls who expect one to fight every battle with physical actions, and like macho-men, sooo unappealing. The fierce bitchy girls love asshole dumb ass douchers, and they both deserve each other.

    Attention, strength, and worth all have nothing to do with one another. Strength isn't given, its obtained through your own learning from personally experiences. Those loud bitches get attention, not strength. If anything those are the weak girls who are scared to actually voice how they feel so they have become cold hearted conforming cunts. More-so they get support from other loudmouth bitches and macho heads. That doesnt mean the worth of the quiet ones are depreciated at ALL. If anything i find it SO much more appealing that a woman can hold her tongue when she knows shes right, over the loud ones who open their mouth and only succeed in divulging their ignorance and stupidity. Intelligence and emotional intelligence is so much more important to me personally as a guy, then ones ability to snap at people and demand their way. IM a very passive person which allows me to be super open minded and see things from any perspective. The bitchy demanding people fail to do that, and i cant STAND it.

    But i have to say, honestly, that i have ALWAYS been the nice guy. But somehow i have such an insane capability to hurt people. I almost never do it, but its because im so "perfectly nice" and 'a catch' in a relationship, when i fuck up not only is it unexpected, buts been monumental. Iv gained strength from that and learned to be a better person then i was though.

    Just my 3 cents.

  2. There are two types of men that may tend toward either type of bitch. But there's a third type of man that will only go for the latter.

    The first kind of man is one who is himself mean and overbearing; the Dominator. His modus operandi is to twist his fingers through the hair of every bitch and drag her to her knees. If he is weak he will opt for the quiet bitch for she is easily ruled. If he is strong he will take on the challenge of subduing the vicious bitch for this seems more exciting and rewarding.

    The second kind of man is the Submissive. His M.O. is cringing, boot-licking servility. If he has any luck he will find an overbearing bitch to carry his balls around in a jar in her purse. Being too weak and pathetic to attract a vicious bitch, he will settle for a quiet bitch who he can 'out-submit' and thus transform into a quasi-dominant bitch.

    The third type of man doesn't play these games. He doesn't suffer from the same insecurities, is not attracted to dominance or submission. He is healthy, he is wise, and he is balanced. What he seeks is a respectful, reciprocal relationship with an equally balanced and mature female in order to create something greater than themselves, to transcend gender - and all duality - and unite in the glory and splendor of One.

    And while it is not guaranteed that the demure bitch possesses these qualities, the vicious bitch assuredly never does.

    So if the question is which kind of bitch to be (and while I would LOVE to sit here and analyze your choice of words [you employ a form of misogynistic feminism that colorfully illustrates your dilemma - or may just be used for shock value - but strongly smacks of bitterness]) then this reader recommends you remain the latter.

    Let those loud-mouthed bitches blindly throat fuck the gilded cock of commercialism and drape themselves in loads of crude, black pearl necklaces. Let them screech and claw and flail about until, their energies depleted, their rug-burned tits dragging the floor, their bleach-fried scalps molting, their pussies dried husks of torn leather, the gilding is stripped and the Golden Cock of Luxury is revealed to be the flaccid, leprous cock of Separation, Fear and Death.

    So be quiet. Be demure. Cultivate your powers and choke not on the Cock of Gold, but swallow the Cock of Light and let your pussy become the Fountain of Youth.

    I would gladly drink thereof.


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