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Love Aloof

like a cold stone

sinking my soul deep

your suffering brought

my heart to its knees

Stranger nearly acquainted,

Your bloodless wound

brings me pain as if

it were my own

Love aloof has

claimed my lips

yet still I fear

your name when

it escapes from

their trembling



  1. Camille, this blog is so fucking great! but i gotta fess up; I still secretly worship you.
    On the steam of the theme of this poem, I must unabashedly admit; I love you aloofly. I almost enjoy suffering silently as i yearn for a taste of the piece of your soul you share on here and glimpse of everything else attached to that soul-piece.
    I miss you and its strange to admit but at the same time I miss all the missed opportunities to miss you more.
    I once blog stalked you with a wave of Anons and have kept up reading ever since.
    I reach out as an Anon every now and then with a praise, I read and reread and gaze at your form and imagine hearing snippets of your vampish coquetry. I don't know what evokes this blog material from within you, I can't imagine the man or men who engendered such longing in you... I long for you, your attitude, your vibe, your touch, your kiss, the feel of you and just the experience of being around you again...always a pleasantly unsettling mind-fuck to share my admittedly humble experience with you.
    I see you walking in Bethesda every now and then and your strut, your smile, your smoke in hand, you drive me wild and yet we've so little real connection...i think myself mad but fuck it.
    I want to tell you these things up front but time has a way of distancing people and making a statement like this a bit shocking and Insane... I don't know why I stayed aloof for so long... I suppose it's simply fear of freakin you out but I have to be honest.
    I AM insane, an unconventional and wildly divergent deviant with a glorious manhood, a glorious heart and a new brazen honesty that's rewarded me with nothing but pure joy.
    I want you really really bad
    however much of you you can give... a deeper connection; comradely, corporeally ;)
    shit, if i'm putting all my shit out there and fucking up any chance of gettin in yo pants, fuckit, I'm just tired of hiding mah pants...hehe

    I'm still pretty cowardly though and I'll sign with my Anon pseudonym that you forgot...I'll annoyingly let you look me up if you feel so inclined as to acquiesce my request, or if you're wondering who this is.
    if it's just time, talking, a toke, drinks, a massage ;)... anything more than nothing at all would be modestly magnificent.
    I promise to be a near-perfect gentleman. I promise not to blatantly obsess over you or leer or be licentious or lecherous...all of the time ;)
    i've been far too quiet for far too long but I am a little crazy about you, for whatever it's worth.
    hit me back if you can find Cyrano in your archives and recall my similarly timid first attempt at reaching out to you in this manner...

  2. hold on a second... have we ever even met in real life?

    I'm flattered and commend your bravery but I am a little confused only because I'm relatively certain that I don't know you at all.

    Not to say it won't work out between us, baby, but I'm still incredibly in love with a man who's name I refuse to write. I wouldn't want to embarrass him.

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm sure you'd fuck me right, given the right opportunity.

  3. We have met. We've chilled, partied a lil, shot the shit.
    I hardly made a memorable impression.
    We were pretty good friends, i guess, some years back.
    We took acid at an after hours event at the Hirshhorn, it's still one of the best nights I've ever had. I tried to tell you how I felt about you then too but...anyway.
    This man...HAS NO FUCKING CLUE and simply MUST come to his senses.
    Maybe he shouldn't. Shit.
    The way you pine for him is so beautiful, so evocative and ( I know I'm not alone int thinking) soporific, palliative, stimulating and arousing all at once, you're like Crank-Meth.
    The way you look at him (through the camera) and the stories you tell with your body and fingertips. Goddamn to be him.
    He's a blessed bastard, that quiet sumbitch.
    Every artist needs their muse to walk in, wave their bits and leave the tormented genius to express their pain so ecstatic it must be shared and must be rendered tangible, by the mind, the hands, the eyes, the soul... if you believe in that kind of thing.

    I'm in love and in a committed relationship with someone who loves me but also loves another. It was hard but the pure love; trust, understanding, and honesty and compersion (not compassion) I learned from that whole ordeal, overflows into the rest of my life on a daily basis (I'd love to tell you about it!!)
    I've many more words too, kind ones, silly ones, odd ones, perplexing ones, that's why I finally spoke up. I just want to share whatever "love" we're capable of sharing with, not just one another, but as many people as we can reach. If it ends up being almost exclusively via blog...great...not really but hey, l'm here.
    I WOULD SO fuck you SO right, buuut it's not entirely about that. I was just opening my caja Pandora, I really do love you, in a way I don't quite understand. I admit it's a distant, one-sided, sort of crazy but hardly delusional kind of love but It's entirely pure, I assure you.
    I'll be one of your biggest fans for life, whether you're creating or not.
    If you remember how chill and nice I was back then I hope we can, at the very least, reignite our friendship miss LaFrere ;)

  4. Ahh I know you.. DA?

    We had some fun times together. And I admire your philosophy. Love should be spread, not lust. Lust should be contained to a certain degree.

    Lets Catch up!! I'm back in the area


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