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Mental Obesity

While obesity is widely recognized as an alarming trend that has been steadily befalling the American people, I would like to muse on the subject of mental obesity which is as much, if not a greater concern, than its physical counterpart.

Mental obesity is the glutting of the mind on flagrant idleness of thought, over-stimulation through shock value, and consumption of a disproportionate amount of pre-packaged and mass processed thoughts distributed by various media giants.

Organizations like Fox News are the some of the worst sources of trans-fat ideas. In the same way that fast food corporations makes their product cheap, addictive and highly accessible, certain media abuses their influence and masks biased opinion as information, knowing that their target audience doesn't have the means to educate themselves about misinformation and objective fact. They feed them their own misinformed opinions, and having an authority justify one's ideologies is highly addictive to the mind's ego.

Adding to the flagrant moral irresponsibility of certain programing, is the over indulgence in sex and violence as a means for entertainment. Far more damaging than the numbing effect of gratuitous gore and porn establishing a diseased cultural norm, is the fact that one begins to become immune to an authentic aesthetic experience that can be provided by various works of art and literature. The value of art is unjustly marred to a tedious and pretentious degree, in favor of the whorish nature of the worst of pop culture.

This is because an experience that follows an understanding and full immersion of the pysche in a work of music, poetry, or visual art, takes a certain degree of mental effort, and demands an exertion on the part of an individual's imagination. Because the visual has taken a more powerful influence in our culture, and the media tends to permeate a majority of our lives, one is not in need of utilizing their imagination to conceptualize a thought. Their ideas have already been imagined for them, and we are somehow lead to believe that this imagining is far superior to our own, because it exists in a physical and objective sense. But there is a certain level of convenience in having things imagined for us. However leaving our imaginative capabilities to be ignored results in mental atrophy and one becomes dependent on external sources for stimulation.

And when you leave a mind to atrophy, and it gives in to the conspicuous consumption of visual and verbal stimulus simply for the sake of occupying itself, it imposes an insidious tyranny of thought and those individuals who organize their ideologies for production, lead the people towards their intellectual demise for their own profit of influence.


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