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Great Words

Here are some great words:





Oh wow, would you look at that?

I just wrote your ass a poem.

Why don't you analyze it for me and tell me what I meant to say, junior literati ?


  1. My name, my heart, my skin, my lungs,
    this brittle little tongue.
    The sand the sun these clams and insatiable toenails are all disintegrating as we speak.
    I will be forgetten in a week.
    My legs, and hips, and furtive quips
    will be gone without a bit of reverence
    These lips will go hungry and be devoured by ravenous microbial insects.

    And i said to god himself:
    I have sacrificed the blood of sacred bulls on an alter of antler and skull.
    I have gathered the wood of haunted shipwrecks dismantled their decks and hulls
    and planked this holy vestibule.
    And flanked its hills with daffodils
    and peonies and tulips
    and perpetual indecency.
    I pleaded with freshly splattered hands,
    I said my god my god.
    let me be used in any way or shape
    instead of going horribly to waste


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