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The Disadvantages of Earning Wages

Oh Pickles...

This week was the week I was going to get my affairs in order.

And I did, thanks to a wonderful friend. I interviewed, got hired, got trained to work in a very nice place with very nice people getting decent pay and many many hours. All before a week's time.

But then, then... when I thought it couldn't get better, that I was on my way towards finding my way and keeping a sum to pave the roads of a grand adventure, you tell me that you're within arms reach, so to speak. All the while, I thought I would never see you again and I had been kicking myself in the teeth. Which is part of the reason why I was so happy to be employed. I know that work is a very satisfying distraction from a nervous heart.

Dearest Boy, I was blistering with happiness. I could barely contain myself, so taken by the delicious fortune of your recent arrival. The joy numbed me to silence. I was cleansed of all malaise.

But then of course... prayers are never answered without collateral.

You are leaving just as soon as you've arrived. And circumstance has devoured any possibility for our reunion.

And though I am bitterly wistful in this time, I will not stop loving you because I tried and I nearly ended up swimming in the backwaters, drowning alongside dope heads and hustling charlatans.

I can wait a little bit longer, as long as you come back.

We'll be hunting ghosts

frolicking between tombstones.


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