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The Lap Cat

I was a lap cat, loved by the hands of familiar strangers and held by a promiscuous princess in an eastern palace. Fur spun like white gold, softer than the skin of my mistress. Only gentlemen need apply. Mysterious tastes had cultivated my palate to accept the generous touch of an ancient artist, mastering strokes of seduction, tossing me off my lady's lap to slink along the marble, fanning my whiskers with palm tree feathers, drinking in the silk before I closed my eyes and the gentleman left his knife behind him. Her lap was cold like the stone that held it to my eyes...I ran towards the street then woke in a terrible dream.

I was held by a forgotten queen; now I wander stray in asphalt and concrete, strip malls and buildings worn by a galaxy of shuffling feet. Gray, flea-bitten and wet with old rain, one life of misery after nine spent in luxury. Hunger kicks me till I howl hoarse in the alley, cursed by sleeping tenements. Nobody knows of the past buried in my heavy stare; just a cat left to die, starving for the hands of any company.


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I Can't Hear Your Little Red Rooster


I call this room Home.

He will not look at me

His eyes flicker with

a speck of violence.

my strained smile,

disgusted by

my pleading eyes.

my veins freeze

icy blood

tearing through coronaries

May Day

'Hope, you don't have to use it on your wedding night.'

She handed the pistol to Hope, right after the vows, right before the reception.

'I'm just kidding, darling. Don't worry. He's a good man. You did well sweetheart. He's a good man. You'll be fine.'

Hope's paper-thin smile tried to grow as she stared at her grandmother's reflection in the mirror. The mother-of-pearl grip sparkled in her grandmother's hand, bathed by the Chapel's cheap buzzing lights.

'There's a bullet for you, just in case.'

Hope had left the gun on the table.

A week earlier, drunk off self-pity, she had taken it out of its case and walked to the kitchen, where she stuck the barrel in her mouth and proceeded to take pictures of herself to send to Ray.

In a rare instance of good fortune, her phone ran out of battery before she could indulge her sense of pithy revenge. She woke up and pried open her tear-salted eyelashes then made sure to delete an…