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What do (straight) men want?

What do straight men want?

Because women want to know. And more than a few gay guys...

I want to know what women want too, so I know what to do.

But I think women want to know what men want, so we'll start from right here.

We women, we make the mistake of assuming a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily true... but what you have to remember is that once a woman thinks it, no matter how absurd or far from the the possibility of truth that thought may be, it takes on its own reality and there is very little anybody can say to discourage us from believing our paranoid version of the truth. So maybe, if we understand the inner workings of the male mind, our version of the truth might be more accurate.

Tell me, straight men, tell all of us, what do you want?

Aside from a fresh batch of pussy, a sandwich, and a gatorade.

But maybe you don't even want that?

Maybe you just want to spoon and talk about your feelings?

Like how you do after football/hockey/baseball/croquet games?


  1. Does anyone read this?

  2. i do.
    <3 Kristen L.

  3. The desires of straight men depend on all sorts of things. Male role models, social environment, mother son relationship, father son relationship, drug use, etc. But the consensus among young straight males these days revolves around busting nuts in and around hoes.
    Personally I wouldn't complain if I could marry the love of my life, pass on my genes and love to a new generation, smoke my weed, and save the rainforest.

  4. You can't hear it, or see it, but I'm giving you the slow clap of a lifetime for that answer.


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