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Re linking to a link that links you to pictures

There. Stop wasting your time with the beauty of words and destroy me with your eyes.

There's only one guy who I actually hope enjoys them... I take them for the possibility of his release.


  1. Seriously, why do you keep assuming thats the only reason anyone's here? Or am i just miss understanding and your making an attempt to put them out there?

  2. I dont mean to come off as an asshole or anything, im genuinely curious as to what sparks these kinds of posts is all.

  3. anonymous comments that ask where all the titties at in a post that happens to be a lovely poem.

    I do it to appease for them, even though they don't appreciate the subtle photographic narrative that I've developed.

  4. don't apologize; you're definitely one of my favorite readers M !

  5. Bah, im horrible at poetry, and much of what i read here goes farther above my head then i probably realize! But thats a shame, and it undoubtedly a waste of time to appease the low life! :) Hope all is well!

  6. Oh it's okay, i think of it as a persuasive marketing technique to draw in viewers. Considering that there aren't very images, it tends to weed out the perverts relatively well.

    M, keep reading,not for your sake, but for mine. You're a good man and you appreciate women like few men can.

  7. <3 I may be reading for your sake, but its for my own as well! Im very proud of you and your ability to write and post despite the bullshit that comes your way! Never stop miss La Frere :)

    And if your ever around the area hit me up so we can go on more blunt rides!

  8. you know i must admit, when you first exploded on me calling me a pervert and such, i was kind of offended, cause i thought we had an understanding. I would drop by once or twice a week, read your poems, then get a bit a turned on by your sexually suggestive pictures, i mean i think its a fair trade, given the thousands of blogs out there, and everyone is a writer today. You gotta find a way to make yourself unique and i think the pictures are a great way to get our attention. You know it, i know it, so please dont call me names again.


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