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I love Thanksgiving but I don't condone Indian killing.

I just read on D listed, my number 1 site for intellectual progress, that Angelina Jolie hates the shit out of thanksgiving because she's so abhorrently disgusted with American's and their commemoration of dead Indians. The turkey, I suppose, might as well be a roasted Cherokee to Mrs. Jolie.

Look. I am really tired of Americans who hate America. Nobody's perfect okay? And while you might think it makes you look progressive and enlightened to think of your fellow countrymen as backwater hicks who can't tell the difference between piss and shit, it just makes you look like a pretentious and hateful misfit.

America has issues. So does every fucking country in every fucking continent on this green earth. Instead of concentrating on how god-awful it is to live in such a wonderful place, take your billions of dollars and help improve it.

So fuck you Angie and the rest of you super liberal pansies who think Thanksgiving is nothing more but a murderous memorial. I think it's a great fucking holiday, and I always have. I don't see anything wrong with getting together with the people you love once a year, even the pilgrims were total douchebags.


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