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We are all equal; some are more equal than others

When people say things like

we're all the same

we're all equal

I'd like to take a brick

and hurl it in the direction of their face.

Let me tell you why, morons.

WE ( collectively ) are all human beings.

There is no denying this.


Some are rich. Some are poor. Some are stupid. Some are smart. Some are mean. Some are nice.

Some are just a complete and total waste of chemical structures. Some will save the rest of us.

So no, we are not equal.

We are not the same.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't base ridiculous prejudices on the most irrelevant differences permeating humanity; skin color, sexuality, religious beliefs, ect. These differences are without merit; I am much more interested in individuals who make up the whole, rather than the whole as an individual.

But you should recognize the relevant differences that surpass the trivial variations in people;

The fact is, there are a lot of worthless, mean, and close-minded people.

Regardless of their wealth and their heritage and their abilities and disablities and gender.

People differ in character. And those character differences are what debases the claim that we are all the same.

Same species yes; very different people.

So the next time you go off

thinking you can be an asshole

because you've gone out of your way to marginalize yourself

And because you go on, talking like you know what its like to suffer,

The next time you ride your high horse, rocking back and forth

because of the fact that you've taken the time out to pity

a group of people you don't take the time to get to know,

and you've quietly deemed yourself superior,

Remember that you're more worthless than the corpses in the sun.

( But of course, you'll read this and realize I'm only talking about myself right? It couldn't possibly be YOU. )


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