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Thoughts on reality tv and government.

In terms of governing themselves, you have to understand that people, in general, are not capable of doing so. Somebody must tell them what to do. That way, you don't have to blame yourself for all the ills of the world.

Intelligent people who understand that stupidity renders an adult helpless to the whims of ignorance, are pretty well suited to make executive decisions by virtue of their superior mental capabilities. A truly enlightened intellectual should be aware of their moral obligations, so intellect, cold hard intellect, is not enough of a qualifier for someone with the propensity for ideal leadership. I won't go into what I consider intellect but name dropping famous academics and renouncing your social life in the name of the glory of Academia is not intellect. This is stupidity in disguise.

So most people need to be governed.People need to be told what to do.

Those who are more suited with an open intellect are more suited to make valuable and progressive decisions through their own construction and analysis of situations and conflict.But intellect is only part of it. With the greater knowledge of the world, comes the responsibility of understanding it's condition. You are responsible to make decisions that would most benefit the public. Politicians tend to disregard their ethical responsibilities to the people they govern. Because of power, because of all kinds of things. But the public shouldn't be chastised for their ignorance or lack of intellectual ability; they should merely be guided in the right direction because they can't read the sign.

So what brings me to the realization that the profound inadequacies of humanity are a foundation for the basis of a republic instead of democracy?

Reality television. The fact that it existed in the first place. The fact that it still exists. The fact that there is an entire channel devoted to it.

Now, it pains me to put reality tv in the spotlight. I love it. I love it because it is the most inane and unbelievable form of entertainment out there. It makes you feel better about yourself. It's a gross spectacle of what exists in our species. That's why it's still around.

But the fact that there are people...LOTS of people, willing to actually participate in these charades...

imagine what it would be like if the cast of "The Jersey Shore" held any kind of legislative authority.

The fact that people DECIDE that this is a good idea, that appearing on national television drunk and choking on a dick is somehow reasonable, is what proves that people really just don't know what they're doing.

Now granted, this is an extreme example. This is stupidity at it's apogee.

Most people are of average intelligence. Most folks would not be on reality TV. But most folks either cannot or will not develop their intellect in a way that would give them the ability to formulate their decisions that would benefit a public. People make decisions based on their dogmas. Those dogmas, and the strict adherence to those dogmas is what creates tension between groups. Basically, people believe that you should believe what they believe. Monarchs are a nice example of a governing system based on dogmas.

A good leader must not have dogmas. You must understand the roles of dogmas in the lives of the public but you cannot let your own convictions violate your objective decisions. You must guide yourself with reason and logic without the interference of your beliefs. You must make a martyr of your desires. You must understand the people in order to help them further themselves. You are, after all, one of the people, you just happen to be in a position where leadership would be far more suitable.

To rid yourself of your personal incentives takes serious and unpleasant effort. To recognize that you are a slave to a dogma and to free yourself from bias is even less of a cake walk. Most people would rather not deal with it, for a variety of excellent reasons.

But if you have the educational, financial, and mental means to further yourself, you would be quite selfish if you did not attempt to aid the people with the gift of your intellect.

But of course, this is naivete at its best, wouldn't you say? There are so many pathetic corrupt and terribly stupid people who run the country and there always will be. And even if they started off well, power drags their spirit down to hell.

Theory is always at the mercy of human nature.


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