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So One of My Readers went insane...

Heeeyy guysss...

So if you go and look at some comments on certain posts

No, I won't tell you which ones to read.


you'll notice that some of the stuff is a bit off.

WELL! it was confirmed that said reader has completely lost their mind ( I'm afraid I contributed with my blog...but at the same time I'm kind of flattered that the stupid shit I write can mindfuck extremely unstable people)

Said reader wanted to be my true love...

I won't go into it but let me just say: being polite is my downfall.

DO NOT feel bad for being rude or ignoring someone.

I should have tried to be mean instead of giving the minimum of my courtesy to this kid.

Poor kid though...saw it coming; anyone who takes my shit seriously is pretty much on the fast track to the loony bin. ( I am the messiah though; don't forget about my spaceship!)


I had an anonymous admirerer that wrote VERY nice things.

At this point, my only comfort are nice words from an unknown man... ( or woman ? )

Satisfy my curiosity, if it's Mr.Crazy, tell me. If it isn't, then just tell me it isn't.

But Mr. Crazy...I mean's some pretty out there crazy.

Out of courtesy, i won't go into the emails ( I actually did know the kid in real life. Elementary school was the last I saw of him ) but imagine the comments X 10.

Satisfying the urges of those disowned by societal norms,

Mizz Frur.


  1. Yeah it was me.

    Deal with it.

    It's a constant struggle form me to present myself as sane given my specific set of life challeneges at the moment, and I don't appreciate your sass regarding the matter.

  2. alright, which one were you loon ?


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