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Bruno Mars is my new and improved Michael Jackson

wait a minute.

Let me first explain

that there will always be michael jackson the artist

as the essential michael jackson in my heart.

But then michael jackson the man...somewhat odd.

Bruno Mars' voice makes me feel the same way the voice of michael jackson makes me feel.

So Bruno Mars is my living MJ. He also doesn't seem as damaged.

He also probably likes girls. I don't really know anything about the guy,

but that gives me a lot of possibilities to think about.

And unlike michael jackson, I could very well meet Bruno Mars one day.

Anyway, his voice is so delicious it's almost wrong.


  1. Possibly, maybe Bruno is the next michael. The time will say.

  2. you are lame ass hell if you think that

  3. I am fully aware of being ass hell for people, thanks for salting that wound jackass.

  4. he has one of the most amazing voices ever

    dont feel bad

    for me he is tied with mj but time will tell if he becomes better

    he is definitely up and coming and very very talented

    by far on of my favorite artists right now

  5. i also have thought of that, that Bruno is going to be the next day, i don't like him yet as a singer that time and been preventing to listen to his "just the way you are song"...but then, i had a chance to listen to one of his song and now i found myself liking this guy, and believing that he really can somehow make it like MJ. He just got that certain appeal o whatever you call to people, specially when he sings, so yeah, i have to agree. (And also time is gonna tell if he is going to do it straight in his music career without vices on the side.) Great post anyway. :)

  6. I love Michael Jackson so much and Hate bruno!! he is not handsone, his voice gets on my nerves and he is a copycat of Mike... I'm so sorry that exist people like you... that doesn't recognize that Bruno is only shit.


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