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Modern Poetry or Hip Hop is Better than the Da Vinci Code

People always tell me,

when I tell them that I like to write,

what I should be reading.

Let me explain something to you:

I will only read "modern" novels up until about 1980.

Perhaps some exceptions can be made but for the most part,

the rest of literature is just awful. Name me a book from the 21st century.

Oh the da vinci code? brilliant.

Right. But I can't get everything I need from dead men.

So I get my poetic inspiration from rap.

That's modern poetry. Hip Hop.

I listen to poems; i don't pretend to relate but I can't pretend I don't enjoy the sound.

Mind you, i don't claim that all hip hop and rap is worthwhile. It isn't. There's some really stupid people who spit.

Even still, the da vinci code? just because it's entertaining does NOT mean it's got merit. Watching two dogs fuck is entertaining but I doubt people would consider that a worthwhile activity.

So relatively intelligent hip-hop > the da vinci code.

Because you might as well throw me danielle steele and george pelacanos or HOWEVER you spell it. fuckin pulp trash.

Yeah you all don't even know you get this shit fo FREE.


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