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The Hunt for Butterflies

Writing seems to be

at least it seems to me

to be nothing more than

a hunt for invisible butterflies.

Thoughts flutter

thousands at a time

it's a matter of the net

and a matter of the size

Which ones will I catch?

Tongue-in-cheek I pin

them with bold-faced letters

displaying my trophies

on anonymous screens


  1. I was just discussing something similar the other day with a few jovial intoxicated people. If I recollect correctly, I think we decided ideas are like invisible frisbies.

    Once you get a good grip on one, you can twirl it around in your fingers and sometimes even play catch with it over short distances, but they can be a bitch to find.

    And then we decided invisible frisbie ultimate would be the best sport ever.

    Oh my god I'm turning into a bro.


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