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Con/ Pussy.

Oh I give up
It's always about pussy
pussy pussy pussy.

I'm a dick pump for your ego
Boiling right back down to pussy.

I expect to be wholly disappointed.

But what do you care?
Pussy is pussy.

There's always a better
fresher juicer pussy for you
right around the corner

Wish I could say the same.
But if dick were just dick to me
I'd buy a dildo and take it to dinner.

But pussy is pussy and if you have one
You are a reduction of self to those
salivating lips.

Now not all men are bad men,
But men want pussy
Not women.

You might think I'm cynical;
I'm just realisitic.

(Another truth that puts Cosmo out of business. )

To the Patrons who Don't want to be my Patrons because I am too much of a liability

I never thought YOU
would be so close-minded sir.

So petty and marred in the reflection of your
own asshole that you wouldn't
want to risk the reputation
you've made for yourself
as a boring little dandy,

Galavanting throughout various ranks
of noblemen and pontificating
for the sake of making sure you
haven't started lisping unconsciously

I know you think I'm FLITHY
you'd rather I was a flutist?
Maybe a baroness?
Something meek writing
watered down sonnets
about how lovely the hearth
warms my lovely little feet?

Then I'm sure you would openly
encourage me, I'm sure you
would cry my name out to
your partners afterhours

I know you won't support me sir,
Perhaps my pictures evoke
the delicate perfume of a scandal?

Or perhaps you feel a hint of guilt
when you think about my slender
little body while your fat and
pathetic wife rolls over you?

Either way, I'm afraid I'm not enough of a lady
For you to openly support my utter love of poetry and prose

I'm afraid I put my fait…

Real Talk: Buying Tampons

Buying tampons is one thing.

Buying tampons and menthols is another.

Buying menthols and a pregnacy test is yet another.

Buying tampons and and a pregnancy test seems like a waste of money.

Buying plan B and menthols is redundant.

How catholicism will never let me escape from it.

I have mentioned this before
Okay, because I thought about it

And really. I don't know why i don't join a convent.

I am absolutely suited for the life of a nun.
Except for the no sex
The no drugs
The no fondling
The no touching of one's own under-habit

But okay look, i can't seem to STOP feeling like I'm doing the wrong thing. Isn't that, like we already reviewed, the basis of catholicism?

I know I'm NOT doing anything wrong at all but that's catholic guilt.

What i mean is i feel guilty for not going out and getting shit faced and fucking random dudes
That's what TV tells me i should do. That's what people my age do. Why am i not doing this?

Okay so if i DO do that, i bet i'm going to feel guilty because I'm going to have to call up a whole lot of people and tell them to get tested.

CATHOLIC GUILT! you see this shit?! i clean i cook i wait i keep it tight...catholicism. you can't escape it.
No I was never confirmed and I believe i was baptize…

Modern Poetry or Hip Hop is Better than the Da Vinci Code

People always tell me,
when I tell them that I like to write,
what I should be reading.

Let me explain something to you:
I will only read "modern" novels up until about 1980.
Perhaps some exceptions can be made but for the most part,
the rest of literature is just awful. Name me a book from the 21st century.

Oh the da vinci code? brilliant.
Right. But I can't get everything I need from dead men.

So I get my poetic inspiration from rap.
That's modern poetry. Hip Hop.

I listen to poems; i don't pretend to relate but I can't pretend I don't enjoy the sound.
Mind you, i don't claim that all hip hop and rap is worthwhile. It isn't. There's some really stupid people who spit.

Even still, the da vinci code? just because it's entertaining does NOT mean it's got merit. Watching two dogs fuck is entertaining but I doubt people would consider that a worthwhile activity.
So relatively intelligent hip-hop > the da vinci code.
Because you might as well thr…

Del The Funky Homosapien and Sex

I was listening to Del
and I realized that
I really want to have
all kinds of ridiculous
sex to his music.

I don't know who would be down,
But if you don't listen to Del, you should.
If you have taste, you'd be down once you heard it.

So Del if I go down in history,
I credit your music and sex
to my success.

Melancholia Unveiled

Oh what a child I was!
To have mistaken the
tempest of despair
and miserable
vines of knowledge
for something as
plebian as melancholia

Plagued by the spirit of
a self that I could not
realize; a self that overcame
the tyranny of truths
imposed upon me by
a derelict of morals

This awakening was more
than pyschiatric libel;
It was the divine embrace of
introspective discovery

Love was the enigmatic Catalyst
Drones of doubt and anxious insecurities
fell to their rightful death;
Gone without a sound

So I rejoice in their defeat!
Now I live for pleasure
delighting in Beauty;
Reaping bounties of a life
that transcends itself

Satisfaction. ( I can usually get some)

You know what's satifying?
Stalking an old high school crush/flame
and finding out they got pretty fat.

Or a tribal tattoo.

Using the internet for the best possible reasons since porn.

( I should know. I am the voice of this generation...
But I never said it was a good voice or a good generation.)

The Hunt for Butterflies

Writing seems to be
at least it seems to me
to be nothing more than
a hunt for invisible butterflies.

Thoughts flutter
thousands at a time
it's a matter of the net
and a matter of the size

Which ones will I catch?
Tongue-in-cheek I pin
them with bold-faced letters
displaying my trophies
on anonymous screens

Things People Say To Me

Okay first off, let me tell you how I was dressed:

black pants
big black hoodie
oversized shirt
hair up and
not so glamorous

These are the things that a man told me tonight:
How long to you like to get your pussy licked?
You my waldo. Got me looking for waldo like Rick James looking for Tina Marie
I'm gonna sit here so I can be a predator like...a lion...or a hippo some muthafuckin shit..
I'm a lion and You a..a..mermaid! Ima come in the sea like grawr...come back up with all that hair...from eaten that pussy
You ever been with a real man?
You like no matter what you wearin

I guess I just bring out the best in people.

Childrens Nursery Rhymes for Pretentious 20-something or 30-something neo-bohemian parents

Life is pain, when you're aware of life
Then you realize, that it didn't matter
after all, virtues and sins are a different
name for the same kind of thing

The things that worry you
that you wear troubled on
your furrowed brow go
onwards in the echoes
of your light jubilation
banning your frustration
in favor of the decadance of possibility

Load the reel with all
the hooks of dead hollywood
and laugh at happens
to the rest of us