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Godliness is Literary

What can words do for you?

Oh I don't know. Not very much I suppose.

Now what can words do for me?

Why they give me the freedom to create and destroy

without any moral reprecussions of any sort.

Watch then:

Greta was born rich. She died rich too.

Tom was stabbed in the eye. He bled in the ICU. Now he lives like a corpse.

Lisa is addicted to ordering things from her TV. She lives in a box spitting giberish.

Karen called Kevin's girlfriend a cunt. Her broken jaw gives her distinction.

Jim lived in a small town. He started writing music. He started making money. Now he lives on an island with a pretty island girl.

Wendy didn't know better so she woke up one morning in a ward for other Wendys.

You see?

It's very satisfying.


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I call this room Home.

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