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Away with Dogmas

People prefer to solicite dogmas for security.

And why shouldn't they? Bound by

the simplicity of opposites, you can

base your efforts in supporting your

truths rather than wondering if they

even exist.

The truth is a matter of opinion.

People tend to hold their perceptions

of the world to be true, because it's

all someone can hope to have.

But then perceptions differ.

And conflicts begin to simmer

between two truths. Nuances

are called upon to fight for a

good war for the good people.

Because if you choose to

see it in black and white

you can only have two choices.

Once you've chosen, you must justify.

You reason, little being, you justify

to live the little life you live.

Should your justification come

under the attack by a contrast

You will not accept anything but

the truth; it is true because you believe it.

And pride...oh strange pride simply won't allow you to

admit defeat in the face of a lie.

But if you acknowledge

the different scales of

gray you'll realize it's

all a matter of hue;

one saturated opposite

screaming at another

for the sake of security,


I would rather find

myself absolutely insecure

and at the mercy of any possibility

because I can perceive beyond

right and wrong; I don't waste

my time defending something

that has been made for me;
I'd much rather justify my

thoughts through language.

But what do I know.


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