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Ultra Liberal=Ultra Conservative ( You Fucking Morons.)

There are two binaries of ideology

at any given time in any given place;

You have the liberal movement and

you have the conservative movement.

Right v Left.

Different names might be allocated,

But the basic principle remains unchanged.

Ultra conservatives and Ultra liberals are

the exact same kind of person; they won't

admit it because they're stubborn and 

quite blind to their own meandering hypocrisy.

An Ultra conservative is based on tradition

An Ultra liberal is based on change.

One says yes when the other says no

and vice versa. 

Both are exceedingly short sighted and

violently unpleasant to be around. 

Both have a fervent wish to 

indoctrinate anyone who has

the misfortune of listening

to their hateful prattle concerning

the opposite party.

It boils down and reduces itself to the

fact that both types of people

are ungodly boring and usually

quite stupid and banal. 

Stupid boring people without

a cause are considered worthless

So some stupid boring people realize

(or have had this realization made for them)

that in order to avoid such a negative label

they have to fight for a cause. 

The more a person is boring,

the more forceful they are 

with their opinions. This is because

They use the cloak of ideology to

mask their own complacent idiocy. 

However, they are

merely reciting from their little

political pocket bibles. 

To recite party ideology

to sing them to whoever

it is that comes their way is not enough;

They must shove it down our throats. 

They have to make us understand that

we are wrong and they are right and

what a disgusting shame that is. 

Anything that is not consistent, not with their

individualized ideology, but with the over

arching objective party ideology 

will be argued and eventually they launch

their unprovoked personal attack. 

( Not one ultra will admit to this however, they strongly believe 

that they have come to their own conclusions; not that they 

were guided there by an unseen voice seeking profit)

Either everyone needs to be straight,

Or everyone needs to be gay.

Either no one pays taxes

Or we all donate it to charity.

Either God will save you

Or The Man will kill you

Either good women stay in the kitchen by force

Or women who stay in the kitchen by choice are a waste. 

Each of them carry a ridiculous

sense of unwarranted superiority

And they are consistently desperate

to prove their moral superiority 

even when it isn't really necessary at all. 

In short, ultra liberals and ultra conservatives are both the same kind of moron but

some look better in red and others look better in blue. 


  1. So, the best choice is the middle of the road?

    If we're going to perpetuate stereotypes why don't we say all liberals stand on platitudes and the neo-cons stand on a platform laid out in a pretty shade of fear.

    Your jag sounds like a bad independent movie, attempting subtlty with the likes of George Clooney.

    But, you're throw-away at the end was pretty good.

  2. Before you attempt to criticize, make sure you understand the nuances of the piece.

    I am not lumping in ALL liberals and ALL conservatives; hence the prefix ULTRA.

    This piece merely considers the extremists of each ideology.

  3. Understood. My comment is comparable to a dog sniffing another dog's hind to incite a run-about through the kitchen.

    But how about this weather?

    *That's a good throw away too*

  4. this was a good read


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