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And it finally dawned on me,

While I was wasting my time

Pining over something I thought

I had some responsibility for;

I was just the flavor of the month

I was another bitch that got your dick wet.

You knew what you were doing

And you knew I didn't. 

So here I am a complete fucking idiot

Because you were a careful cassanova

You played the game a little differently

And I lost. 

I'll never forgive you for 

the thousands of hours I wasted.

I was just another pussy

Another young juicy pussy

And you thought you could have some fun.

So I'm a fool for ever

believing in your decency

You used the guise of good intentions

As a means for an end for your dick. 

I hope you get rich quick 

So you get drones of silly girls just like me

To maintain your manhood's stability. 



  1. You are quite artful when it comes to vulgarity. I think its my favorite thing about your writing.

  2. i was the girl that commented on you about exes, and hoping my ex was miserable behind a computer haha. I just wanted to let you know today i found out he was dating a girl. A...I hate to say it, pretty girl. Fuck him, fuck fuck fuck him. I came across thsi writing and it speaks to me more than i could tell you. I was just another pussy to him, and while that is forgivable, my hours of pain were not worth him. i'm so upset i even wasted a second hurting becuase of him, while to him i was just a fun cum.

  3. Girl, let me tell you that having you say this to me, means the world. Someone questioned my intentions in my writing. My intentions are to speak to someone, anyone out there and let them know that we feel the same thing, no matter what the feeling is. Don't worry girl, we all make mistakes like that, if he's really that type of asshole, he'll rot in jail for making a pass at a mature 15 year old on Dateline. And pretty girls, for the most part, are either boring, mean, stupid or a glorious combination.


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