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Narcissus Revisted

Narcissus is someone that i really feel sorry for.

I don't think people consider him as more than a self-centered man. A man obsessed with his own beauty.

But let's consider Narcissus as someone as more than a pretty face.

Narcissus sought to understand himself. He was captivated by his appearance because he was
captivated by discovering himself. He happened to discover that he was something so beautiful, that he fell in love with himself. But he could never find someone that could understand him.

Certainly, many wanted to understand him. But they simply couldn't. 

What if  Narcissus was a shy and reserved type of character? For a moment, let's considered Narcissus wasn't a self-centered ass, and was instead, an extraordinarily sensitive type of individual.

Echo came along and fell in love with Narcissus. Poor Echo. We all feel bad for her.

But what if Echo was an obnoxious and vacant type of nymph? What if Echo was extraordinarily annoying?

Narcissus didn't want to be bothered. Everyone kept bothering him. They all wanted to claim him as their own. He hadn't recognized his own existence. 

Narcissus didn't know who he was. He was just existing. Floating around the forest and laughing awkwardly, politely declining his unreasonably insistent suitors. He was incredibly

Then Narcissus saw himself. He saw himself and because he was ignorant of himself, he fell in love with the discovery of his existence and wanted to understand himself. But he could never be understood by anyone else. 

And Echo was incredibly upset. She didn't get what she want, so she sulked in the cave. She went to her cave and she bounces off the walls, dissolving into nothing more than sound because she couldn't have the thing that everybody else wanted to have.

Narcissus, though, he wanted to figure himself out. And he couldn't. He couldn't figure himself out because he could never love himself in the way Echo would have loved him. Although Echo wanted to love him, she couldn't possibly begin to understand anything about Narcissus beyond his brilliant aesthetics.

So he couldn't be complete. Narcissus was alone. No one could love him in the way he loved himself, because no one could understand him. All he could have was water lapping against the shore. All he could love was his reflection because he couldn't explain himself to anyone else. 


  1. I agree. He's really not that bad of a guy, that Narcissus.

    He and I are pretty good friends.


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