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Delusions versus Dreams

Today, I've taken some time off of my bureaucratic duties to the University.

I'm fairly certain one of my professors would approve. He's cool like that.

I realized that taking hold of my perceptions without any regard for the absurd would be in itself, absurd.

But then fully immersing yourself into the absurd, without even a passing glance at Reason, wouldn't be quite right either. 

And then it occurred to me that dreams and delusions are different things and I had been taking my dreams as delusions, then discarding them because I had confused their identity with something far more sinister.

A delusion is a firm and completely irrational belief. You want to believe something because you want it to be true. So you tell yourself it is true, and you believe it no matter how stupid and illogical it is.

What is truth? It's something you've read. You've been told. They told you they proved it in a laboratory somewhere like Stockholm. 

But then let's look at Reason. Doesn't reason separate us from animals? They, the thinking folk, having been squawking about it for centuries now. I'm going to assume they have something there. 

Truth without any semblance of reason or logical defense isn't reliable. Because we have to reason. People do that. We do it because we're people. I can't reason why we reason ( You can just say God to make it easy) but it's part of our nature. 

Now here is a delusion. The sky is green. I could sincerely believe the sky to be green. I could look at that sky, and it would be green. I could know it's blue, but I chose to go with my arbitrary preferences and I want to believe so badly that the sky above me is green, that eventually... it is. 

Now I don't want to get into qualia. Qualia is just a philosophical term for the experience that one has that cannot be communicated. So then you would be arguing language because maybe what I see as blue is everyone else's green and say... I realize this... and call it green, which I see as see? No. We won't go there. That's not what we're talking about. 

Anyway. I've gotten off topic. Basically a delusion is seeing reality as you want to see it and eventually being absolutely and unequivocally disappointed when you realize that things are
not at all true. For you anyway. I see the sky as green, not based on reason, but based on subjective desires.

A delusion can ruin your life. Because you have to see things as they are. You have to. 

You have to understand your objective surroundings as much as you can subjectively. 

Because once you figure out where you are, you can start going somewhere.

And reason serves us to help objectively define sensory perception.

Dreams are desires without reason but are recognized as such. So you aren't going against reason.

You can indulge in the absurd, the dream, and you SHOULD have faith in them.

Faith in dreams will save you from all the pointless shards of life.

Dreams soften the edges of sidewalks and everywhere can seem like Somewhere if you let yourself dream a while.

But be careful. If you have too much faith in dreams, you'll end up falling into delusions. 

It's tricky.


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