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Morality, as I would see it.

Objective morality

explained simply. 

By yours truly.

You are to enhance 

the pleasure of another. 

Moral decisions should

be based on their 

positive consequences

Ideally, a morally sound decision

enhances the pleasure of both the decider 

and those affected by the decision. 

A sadist ( without consent )

is making morally unsound decisions

because they are acting to reduce

the pleasure of another for

their own pleasure. 

A symbiotic relationship between sadist and masochist can be considered moral because the masochist experience their own pain as pleasure while a sadist experiences the masochistic pain as their own pleasure.

There is a certain logic that can dictate moral decisions without regarding societal conventions which may deem certain actions immoral. But these immoral actions are simply immoral because they are unusual and misunderstood. Not all, but some. 

People who do not wish to

enhance the pleasure of another

did not satisfy their own necessity

for self satisfaction 

In order to enhance the lives of the other

one must fully enhance their own lives,

according to what a logically sound mind

and individualized tastes would dictate. 

This view would dictate that

moral decisions would ultimately

be conceived to further the "greater good"

the nuances that divide

an objective theory of morality

are contextually based 

Suffering can still contribute to a moral decision, if it is willing and on the part of the decider. 

ultimately, moral decisions should lend themselves to a sort of pleasure if not in both parties, at least in those affected by the decision. 

A decision that produces overwhelmingly negative consequences on the part of those affected is not morally sound.  If a decision causes the individual considerable strife, but causes the receiver great pleasure, it remains moral. 

Different scales of moral value are produced by varying capacities for empathy.

A person who cannot empathize is not capable of experiencing the pleasure that an individual or group gains by their actions, so moral decisions are not particularly favorable. 

Selflessness is not inherent. I am unsure as to whether it can be taught but I am certain it can be lost. 

Bear in mind, this particular idea is, like all others, subject to argument. 


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