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Man Vs Food or The Most Disgusting Show on Television

Yesterday evening, before I saw some friends

I was with some other..."friends" who were

snowmen but chivalrous to the best of their personal extent 

and we were watching, in a haze of conversation and

vast grey ash trays, Man Vs Food. 

Of all the garbage that I've seen on television

And I do watch a lot of garbage,

Man Vs Food was the only program

that actually physically and morally

nauseated me to the point of 

irreversible misanthropic revulsion. 

The travel channel should be fined for airing it during the Haitian crisis. 

Gluttony is celebrated.

Lust is condemned or 

made a vile travesty.

Are they not both 

weighted equally as sin?

I don't understand why

this show was created

why people watch it 


(we were all a little bit gone, and that was on the TV and no body wanted to fiddle around for the remote, so I guess we were stuck )

I don't know why 

the values of society

if perceivable solely 

through media 

revolve around

the utter depravity

of The Grotesque

Does the grotesque give us

satisfaction because we 

consider ourselves 

morally superior?

Doesn't watching

and feeding off 

of the grotesque

in order to convince

ourselves that we

have more merit

than the girls and

boys next door 

merely disprove

any evidence 

of our intellectual worth?

Yes. It does. Because human beings are inherently grotesque. 

We've learned to mask our basic instincts with literature and culture, with the arts and music.

And yet we consume, like vapid and voracious hounds, the products that are most devoid

of any intellectual worth. 

And we laugh and we say, " Oh No, I'm not like that."

But you are. You just aren't nearly depraved and stupid enough to expose it on national television. 


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