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The internet v real life

This might come as a surprise,

But I am no stranger to the internet.

I am a stranger to many of you all however.

I understand how one might stumble and 

adopt the idea of familiarity with me based

on their loyal literacy.

However, people tend to forget that what you see

is a two dimensional representation of certain aspects

of a 21st century female mind and imagination.

It is my words you read. 

We are hardly engaging in a conversation in the way we would be over tea or coffee.

You do not actually have to endure my physical presence. So you are left to wonder.

This creates the possibility for you to tailor the concept of an individual

in order to suit your emotional or intellectual needs.

This is nothing to be ashamed of; in this day and age many people succumb to their own 
fantasies fueled by strangers we think are friends. We become more alienated from social reality, thinking we are making headway because we've lowered our inhibitions. We can be more or less at ease with an idea of a person instead of the person themselves. 

But the internet tends to devalue the importance of bodily interaction; not only in the sexual sense but in the ordinary sense...something as simple as a light touch on the knee or a platonic embrace cannot be substituted with semicolons and parentheses. 

The internet creates a sort of confidence and security in ourselves that anchors the fantasy. That fantasy starts to overreach it's bounds within consciousness and people mistake their own imagination for a mind-independent truth.

When this happens, people will lose most of their restraint, a phenomenon furthered by the sense of being physically removed from the individual. It's much easier to confess your love when you dilute your declarations through a flickering screen. 

What you say on the internet, you probably can't say face to face. That's because something ought to be recognized in physical presence. There is a certain kind of power and intensity that is realized when one interacts face to face, and this direct contact with another individual can be grossly intimidating. If I wanted to say something to make another person angry, I wouldn't want to deal with their anger directly. Instead, I would feel more at ease hurling insults to an internet representation of a person because the person is less real to me and therefore their reaction is also less real and less painful to endure.

 To relieve ourselves of anxiety that follows the immediate reaction and consequences of our actions when we are physically engaging with another, we use the internet in an attempt to keep our emotions out of harms way. 



  1. I rejected another comment by mistake ( force of habit) but it said this:

    "Great post, well written"

    Thank you anonymous!

  2. the internet fiends? yes. more than ever I wish it were a dream.

  3. someday all your "friends" will be apart of a masterful novel entitled: The Anonymous Blogger

    or something along those lines lol.

  4. No, no they won't.


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