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Dedicated to the Histrionic Girl on "Intervention"

I have absolutely no sympathy

for cutters and anorexics and

bulimics and addicts who blame

every fucking person around them

and think that they owe themselves

the luxury of self destruction because

"no one cares"

I'll tell you why no one cares.

Because you don't give anyone 

a reason to care about you. 

Yes, it's true but no one cares

about your whining 

and complaining and 

self pitying bullshit. 

You don't want help.

You want attention. 

In the worst fucking way. 

 You wouldn't want to be around someone

who constantly must be force fed compliments and reassurance

Well, neither does anybody else. That's you. No one likes you because you make it IMPOSSIBLE.

Grow the fuck up. 

Listen, I know it may have been rough for you

Maybe you had a bad childhood

molested, raped, something awful. 

But you know what? you fucking

persevere. You don't dwell on it.

You don't just give up and make

everybody else's life a living hell 

Because you got dealt some bad cards.

No, I have no sympathy for you.

Plenty of people have worse lives than you

and they don't try to drag everyone else down with them

They don't blame the world; they just deal with it. 

So FUCKING deal with it. 


  1. First off I love your blog!!! Secondly, I think this post especially could come off as VERY harsh. HOWEVER, as someone who first hand experienced having a best friend like that, it truly does drag the other friendships or close ones down so deep. They should perhaps not just persevere but get proffesional therapy because it is very difficult for untrained people such as friends to deal with this. Don't know if I made any sense.

  2. Anonymous: totally agree with you. It is very harsh and I can see how it makes me look like a heartless bitch; I think it has to do with the fact that I have lived a life devoid of suffering for the most part and that I can't relate to people who have those issues. I just don't like seeing people blame everybody around them for a mess they made

  3. DAMN IT. I rejected another comment I meant to publish. extremely irritating.

    Commenter, I also agree that many subjects I touch on deserve more analysis and exploration. The concept of bulimia and anorexia as a form of control are very interesting and I think a lot of the time that tends to be the case. A lot of people do suffer in silence and I am not talking about those people; i think that there are some people that resort to this type of self inflicted violence violate the seriousness of these actions by reducing them to a means for attention, which gives people who truly do suffer and who truly do need help a very bad reputation ( ex. a 'cutter' is usually portrayed as a dismal and ridiculous 15 year old girl, not a high power executive or successful actress )


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