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People tend to use depression loosely. 

To say you are depressed generally connotes that you feel sad or blue or upset about something.

It usually won't last longer than a few days or a few hours. 

But when you feel sad or blue or upset, you can pinpoint the feeling. The feeling comes from within. 

You don't feel anything when you're manipulated by depression. Depression is more massive than your emotions. 

You wake up and you convince yourself that it's all in your head,

There's nothing to worry about and there's nothing to be upset about.

Today is the day that will get you out of your festering hole. 

So you don't worry. You aren't upset. You can't feel anything but the stifling silence of all your emotions and motivation. 

You assume the characteristics of a brittle shell.

It's like you slipped into a glove made from the leather of ambivalence and apathy that soaks

through everything you do. It's watching everything happen around you

And you are there, physically, but you're lost again; you're trying to 

open a lock with a bobby pin wearing mittens because you can't find your key.

And for all the ways I could describe exactly what makes Depression so ungodly awful, I'll take it over the medication they want to choke-feed you. 

Listen. You can fight through it. It doesn't last forever, although you might think it does. It doesn't. But please remember that you are alive even if you feel like youre dead.

There's so much beauty in the world, don't give it up for something so ugly.


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    But I agreed with the point made


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