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Cupid, as imagined by Camille.

I haven't met Cupid, personally

But from his behavior I assume

That he is a fat hairy greasy 

Guido fuck with a stupid sense of humor.

A reality show reject sitting in a stained

green lazy boy chair in his grandmother's basement,

Masturbating furiously to the blurred edges

of Showtime soft core porn after ma goes to bed.

So Cupid,

Fuck you, you ugly tub of lard.


  1. haha best description of cupid, may i borrow it? ill even reference u

  2. go ahead! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees him as a slob who jerks it to lopsided 90s breasts

  3. hah thanks..btw top middle pic is a nice change.

    not that i know any better but it, in my opinion, sets the tone for your umm playful, yet cynical and sensual brevity that's portrayed throughout your rants lol (i hope i said that right)

    only thing missing is a cig in your hand lol

  4. i wanna bang camille to show her that she would love me if she would get wet with me.

  5. hey anonymous why not make your identity known so you may have a chance with the young lady ? i personally just enjoy the literature but i say you go for it!


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