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Benzo Breakdown

It's a benzo breakdown

and you'll paint

the town red

white and blue

after you get

up from the

prison of your

kitchen cleaning

calm down honey

you can't control

the fires and famines

but you can control

your own concern

so break down

your benzos baby

but don't forget

to breathe

A Little Librarian After You Regretted It

I also like brown paper packages tied up with string but I like these things better.

These are some things I like:

Fat people on bicycles

Children on Leashes

metermaids on segways

Angsty teenagers out with their families

Old ladies with white bobs and black dresses

Sad looking business men looking worried

Well dressed thugs

Thumbs up from truckers


phat clouds

Smiles from middle aged women who walk their dogs.

Camille Frere talks about Drugs and Religion

So here's a theory I might have thought up of. It's good for those that enjoy conspiracy nonsense. But it's not a conspiracy I don't think, more of a phenomenon.

Anyway I think that the internet has contributed to the need for prescription drugs in america, contributing to the brave new world type of over medication syndrome that is painfully apparent if you aren't zonked out to the point of drooling smiles.

The internet gives us an opportunity to inform ourselves. Perhaps more than we need to. So with all that information you get rid of your ignorance. Ignorance is bliss, you know that saying. It's true. The less you care the less you worry the less you have to deal with the anxiety and general discomfort that accompanies concern.

So what with all the things we have to worry about. And what with all the things we have explained... the more disturbed and deconstructed things become. They become explanations of themselves. The wonder ceases.

So where blindly foll…

Full Frontal Nudes

Here is what I look like naked

Favorite Ways to Call Someone Ugly

Here are some of my favorite euphemisms for those devoid of any aesthetic value:

He/She isn't unattractive

He/She is nice

He/She has a great personality

He/She looks pretty good

He/She isn't bad

He/She is no super model

He/She is great with dogs

He/she is a Butterface

He/She is a Monet

He/She looks interesting

He/She is asymmetrical

The great thing about gaining command of language is the means by which we can further lubricate the grinding gears of society with that saccharine drip of courtesy. That is to say, we can say whatever we want, whenever we want without having to worry about anyone understanding what we meant.