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The social boa constrictor

The social boa constrictor has lived a lavish life for thousands of years. Unseen by it's prey, it slithers in an elegant waltz. It feeds off of the nervous apprehension of it's sad creators.

It wraps itself quite gingerly around the neck of the poor children who haven't had the sense to fit into their warm and plush molds

It takes the wills of men and renders them to blithering fools, who mind their Ps but not their Qs.

The social boa constrictor, if it could be seen, would be black like the oil spilled by boats on the rocky coats of foreign lands

It's eyes are little marbles of good works and altruistic capital and it hasn't the eye lids to give them a rest

The social boa constrictor takes love by the neck and throws it against the jagged cliffs that are painted in morality but chip away when the waves of indecency reveal it's paperclip prison.

The social boa constrictor abhors abnormalities and will take creativity if it has had it's winged clips or it's ears nipped, so long as it can only hop so far from it's mouth filled with roses

The social boa constrictor makes it impossible for men to cry and makes us all feel awfully embarrassed about our flesh covered shells. The social boa constrictor will make you believe that what you enjoy is wrong because your pleasure is like poison to him, he cannot catch you if you are sure.

When you hunt for him, he will transform into a thousand different snakes until you cannot tell the difference and you hardly even notice his cold wet tail wrapping itself, like the finest mink, around your frail and bitter body.


  1. IT is rather interesting that we are bound by invisible regulations known as mannerisms and gender roles. It's something we can't see, and yet it's there daily, influencing every single one of our decisions. It even prevents us from getting what we want, but what's worse is that it prevents us from expressing how we truly feel. I think by maintaining your style of writing, and still putting up the photograph despite douchebag anonycomments, you have proven to the world that you aren't in the grips of that social boa constrictor, but nonetheless you feel like you may be in the grips of your own.


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