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Romance a la Frere

Some people have a conventional idea of romance

like luxury and champagne

sex on your birthday and rose petals

sunsets and smooth jazz

You know... all that good stuff

My idea of romance is

one night with a loverboy

( Come here loverboy...Baaabyy my sweet baabyy )

One night in the grime-soaked

neon-hell of a cheap motel

On the backroads of a backwoods town

Alright one night in a yellow room

That used to be white

With a fucked up TV with a bad

movie about teenage love

Right? with a beautiful bedspread

That's itchy and floral

With bars on the windows

I want to have my loverboy

My sweet baby

Wrap his arms around me

Kiss me right and tight on the lips

So I can taste the liquor on his tongue

And my head can spin after he pins me

to the wall and the plaster cracks

Falls down right by my feet

And we roll around because

We're on the run from

Everyone we know

Because we didn't have anything better to do

In the morning we can find a contest we could win

Wait for sun to sleep

Wait for all the lizards to crawl out

And you'll sing a song for a bunch of drunk cowboys

And I'll dance around for some wolves

And then we'll get the fuck out of there

Before the next day rolls around

And then we can sit in silence

Until we get to the next town

And waste away in the sunshine

With a bottle in your left hand

A couple handfuls of the pills we bought

Two towns over where we got ripped off

And even if we have to sleep in the dirt road

You'll still be my loverboy and I'll still be your girl


  1. you rock the locks of the cuffs you put me in!


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