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At the very tip

top of the mountains

is a glass house

made of old bottles

and church panes

The wind blows

and cuts the sky

shapes the peak

while the men

are still whistling

to make believe

they howl and

wrap themselves

tight in their

wolf's skin

underneath their

bones are splintered

wood and they howl

at the lonely ghost

that haunts the

glossy walls of

the glass halls


  1. I like this poem. The imagery and where it's going is great. I would like to offer you some constructive criticism though. It would work better if the poem referred to a specific mountain, although I like the vagueness. Maybe instead of "mountains," there should be one "mountain" It seems that you are talking about a particular, though in a way, an "every-place." So I would keep it vague, but keep most things singular as opposed to plural.

  2. well i appreciate it but I like the mountains over the mountain

    originally it was singular but I got a little bit crazy with the "ssss"


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