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Making Hipsters and Bros glib

Due to a facebook message i received

From someone who really took my post seriously

and wanted to demonstrate how wrong I was in lumping people into hipster or bros

I'm going to explain that I don't want to go into the subcultures of both stereotypes

There are many. Plenty. Loads of subcultures of bros and hipsters that depend on a variety of factors

I was talking in general

And from my experience

However I am a 20 year old student

And I don't know shit

But I do show my boobs every now and again

So why not take a chance and read about it

And then make up your mind about it

But let me stress that my opinions

Are not fact until I get a piece of paper

From the government that says

"Camille L Frere is certified to know shit about the shit she writes even if she's wrong you fucking listen to her because you're a fucking tool and she knows what's up with her fine olive ass, lookat dat ass it's so small but it's got good shape.In conclusion Camille L Frere's words should be taken as literally and seriously as possible because she knows what the fuck is up in the world and you're an insecure fuckfaced puss. GO USA"

Until then, just don't take it to heart. I try to make as clean and accurate observations as possible. But I'm a human being. No no, I'm a woman. It's worse.

Me love u long tyme.


  1. aahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  2. Michael Jack GreenwaldJuly 15, 2009 at 1:10 AM

    There was no seriousness taken. Only trying to help out and show that I was interested in what you had to write

  3. ah. I appreciate it but I did not ask for your help. Number 1 pet peeve: advice given when it isn't asked for.

    Unless of course, it's an intervention in which case I had no idea I had the problem in the first place

    Is this an intervention?

  4. yeah, on the baffling narcissism everywhere in this blog

  5. Cunt, if you don't want to read it then don't.


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