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'But He's Such a TALENTED Comedian'

Guys like you huh?

Disgusting, average, carelessly cynical to a point of being a bore. You never thought you'd end up making a fool of yourself. You're just going to piss and shit on the world because you feel yourself entitled to your total misery. You are both the ultimate victim and ultimate strongman. Trump with a Bernie Bumper Sticker.

Yes, Rick Sanchez was based off your glory days, most certainly. Never mind that he's a fictional cartoon, but you've also been afforded the same genius and prodigious creativity, right? Right.

And nice guys, well when nice guys commit sexual assault, it's not sexual assault, is it? No, it's a mistake. Louis C.K, he's just... just troubled. He's just like you, right? He's just an awkward guy and since life didn't cut him so much slack, maybe we should right? Probably never really got a handle on girls-think of the rejection he probably faced.  That can really mess a person up, you know. He did apologize afte…
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That Goddamn Awful Thankfulness Bistro

If you know me, and even if you don't, you know I can fly off the handle in a physically but emotionally and verbally explosive manner when something makes me furious.

I tend to get furious pretty quickly over relatively small and insignificant annoyances, all while swallowing major irritations ( like advice from a Trump voter or Mansplaining being mansplained by a man) so I can actively avoid serious jail time.

There is a place in L.A. that is fucking miserable and I remember you brought me to it and I must have been nothing but a spoiled little brat with my stone-faced look and total disgust with the service and concept. I tried to be as polite as possible, but if I recall I barely had anything to say and the whole idea of the place was making me angry, terrified, sad, confused, and worried all at once. I would find solace once me and my new friend began to commiserate over the pompous level at which this restaurant attempted to operate.

Understand this is before I was a welt on…

Smarty Pants

I like laughing at other spiritually connected and content people while I'm eating shrimp chips in my parents bed. I look a disheveled princess that grew up but never grew out of the story.

So many happy people I scroll by, sneering and then immediately remembering that their lives, while I have my intelligence to boast of, are far more rich and fulfilling. They boast of... sisterhood.  Of wine dates. Of being SO FIERCE YAAAZ. I'm laughing at them but I just spilled coffee and popcorn on my lap. Their lives are complete because there's only so much of themselves to explore. How wonderful to have been loved as a child. I'm thrilled for you.

Oh but thank GOD I'm smart. What a blessing to lord over others. I understand that life is nothing but a collection of meaningless choices and possibilities so I do nothing and unwittingly choose the most meaningless of all.  My spiritual and creative catatonia? Merely an expression of my brilliance. s

My morality was monopoly mo…

Hey Kevin Spacey, I'm Sorry for Cutting Your Balls Off with Dental Floss; I Was Drunk.

Now, it would be a real shitty thing for me to go on a rampage about Weinstein and the disgusting habits of certain men in power,in certain professions, without mentioning Kevin Spacey.

I think the difficult thing is that Weinstein is easy to hate; there's no feigned personal opinion of him prior to this. But with Spacey, I was a fan of his work. I admired him so much as an actor and fawned over him even though I had also heard rumors of 'aggressive' behavior on set. Rumors are rumors and I love filling my gnawing mind with ones about celebrities. Just a fun 'maybe-secret'.

But as it turns out, he is also a fucking monster, and it makes me feel like fucking monster. That's the selfish thing about this; I cannot in good faith support a man the likes of him but I have. I used to adore him.

This is another violent angry man, who feels entitled not only to youth but to their bodies, snide and smirking as he violates. Emboldened by his star, he could reach out, prot…

Ideas: Foreign Hormone Exchange Program(me)

Look at my bobs. Look at my vagene. What powers. 

I wonder if what baffles us about one another can be reduced to different levels of hormones. I wonder if we couldn't just treat misogynists with a clinic where we just pumped them full of estrogen and oxytocin then forced them in sex work or just the same room as Harvey Weinstein, or Brett Ratner, or probably James Cameron, and watch the trauma resolve their prior sickness.  Goodness, what a world we would live in. Likewise treat women? I don't think we need to be treated, call it my vagene bias, call it blood loss from my monthlies that I CHOOSE NOT TO CONTROL ( Mary Christmas. Some of you guys believe this for real. ) but I think women maybe need testosterone to understand a certain impulsivity and aggression. Which is not at all a bad thing but I think, I wonder, if its not difficult for us to understand all this based on something as arbitrary as hormones.
I don't mean to reduce it to that. Of course you need to bear i…


I call this room Home.

He will not look at me

His eyes flicker with

a speck of violence.

my strained smile,

disgusted by

my pleading eyes.

my veins freeze

icy blood

tearing through coronaries

Women For Trump

I  won't go into the clusterfuck of our cultural death-spiral. We got the president we deserved because we seek entertainment and loathe intellectualism. We base our reality on our emotions. Our emotions give us a sense of superior entitlement because we gorge our collective narcissism.

It's kind of bizarre. You would think impassioned emotions would maybe link its way to empathy but it doesn't. Empathy isn't organic to human nature. It's something you are taught and some people have more capacity for it than others.

When I worked with young children, parents would gush about how 'naturally empathetic' their child is. No hunty. They copy you- and they figure out pretty quickly that being a straightforward dick will alienate them. We are at the base of it all, extremely selfish but we need each other to survive.

Anyway, let me get back to the topic at hand. I guess I'm baffled by the women who voted for Trump. Especially in modern times. It astounds me. …